About Stephanie Del Monte

Stephanie Del Monte unites earthly materials of wood and fiber to create ethereal figures; carved wood forms suspending saori loomed hand dyed wool, cotton, and botanically dyed rope. These figures guide internal explorations and are the physical manifestation of her meditations. Her process embraces the suspension of preconceived ideas, submission to the nature of the materials, and trust in the unknown. Balancing moments of structured design and spontaneous composition translates mindful experience into form. Welcoming the unexpected unearths new paths toward growth.

Viewing Del Monte’s work invites your gaze upward, tracing slowly through the entwined fibers up to the arcs of the wood, lifting you out of yourself toward your own introspection. Del Monte’s work embodies the duality of humanity; grounded and spiritual, creations and creators… They speak to the strength and power within us all. 

Born in Vienna, Austria, Stephanie Del Monte moved to the United States in 2006, earning her BFA in fine arts from School of Visual Arts in 2010. After moving to California in 2012, she began experimenting with wood and fibers. She attended gold smithing school at Forum Goldschmiede, Vienna, in 2017, furthering her knowledge and exploration of sculptural materials. In 2018, Del Monte began exhibiting her work, showing at Rare Bird Oakland, Esqueleto, and West Coast Craft. Del Monte currently lives and works from her home studio in Rescue, California.